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How can we help?


Who we are?


Hompics is the leader in interior design and architecture photography. We are the first stock in Poland dedicated especially for architecture, interior and garden images. We work with the best Polish photographers who provide us with their finest works. We are offering ready-to-use features from interiors created by the top Polish designers. We are also arranging exclusive photography sessions for commercial use.

Hompics was established by the experienced professionals. We are planning, preparing and producing photo shoots for various industries: real estate, architecture, interior, design, press. Our team members are familiar to the specific needs of advertising agencies and media.

Hompics was created to make your work easier and provide you with the highest quality images that will inspire your clients and show the unique style of your products or services.


We are able to understand your needs and requirements.


Do you work in advertising agency, press or digital media?


Maybe you are architect, designer or property owner?


 Public relations, brand marketing or real estate market is your area?


 You need to have proffesional portfolio to grow your business?


Looking for location for your film or photo production?


Or you want to join as a photogrpaher or stylist?


Check below what can you get from us.


For special needs we have prepared Hompic`s pick. To see it click here.


For Advertising, Marketing, PR

Sign in, produce photo shoots with us and impress your clients.
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See your projects in a new perspective. Contact us and get your photo shoot organised.
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For Press

Want to see our features? Create an account.
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For developers and real estate industry

We are photographing architecture from every point of view. Meet new opportunities with us.
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For ad and film production

Find perfect location for your next shooting. Check our interiors.
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Quality and cooperation is our value. Join our team.
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You need something special?

Check Hompics`s picks.
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Product Placement

You are seeking for alternative ways to communicate your products? Check how product placement with Hompics can improve your visibility.
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